[Northkeep] MOC call for volunteers

Trudy and Lothur lothurandyrmentrude at yahoo.com
Wed May 3 14:04:32 PDT 2006

Thank you to all who have responded to me regarding
the children within our group.  I appreciate the help!
 ....Which brings me to my next topic of volunteers:-)
 Is there anyone who is willing to assist in the MOC
tent at Castellan?  I have received one offer to help
with  children's activities but will need more.  I am
grateful for any assistance offered.  Please email me
(privately) and let me know what you are willing to do
by May 8th so I can have a list of volunteers
compiled.  I will next post regarding prizes once I
have volunteer information out of the way.

Thank you again,

Lothur Thorgilsson
Yrmentrude Sigsdottir
Northkeep MOC

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