[Northkeep] Re: Northkeep Digest, Vol 36, Issue 24

melissa vonaschen melissavonaschen at yahoo.com
Tue May 16 11:50:06 PDT 2006

From: "beorhtlic at netzero.com" 
Subject: [Northkeep] Castellan Feast Servers

Good  evening Northkeep! Lady Keigan has asked me to gain a list of those  folk who are wishing to serve feast. At this time I have down; Gisela  von Wolfsburg, Krystal Blackwolf, Alarich von Thorne, Aline Swynbrook,  Ulrich von Budigen, Any others interested please reply on or off list. 

I would like to help serve feast. 
  Ayla von Aschen

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