[Northkeep] WOW and Thanks!

Lahoma Davidson lahoma-davidson at cherokee.org
Tue May 23 08:59:26 PDT 2006

I would just like to add to the thank you that Montega sent out.  This
is going to be an amazing event thanks to the generosity of the people
in our Barony and while it may be the water bearers chopping pickles and
toting water; a huge burden has been removed by your donations!  As
water bearers we provide this service FOR you, but we also couldn't do
it WITHOUT you!!! And once again the people of Northkeep astound me with
there unfailing generosity!!  Providing water bearing and hospitality on
your behalf is an honor and a privilege!  

Vivat Northkeep!
Vivat to the hot sweaty fighters!
And Vivat to all of us crazy enough to want to take care of them!!!

In gratitude,
Lady Rayhanna-jamilla Al Muhkite
Head of House Halfiras
Northern Regional Water Bearer

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I have to say I was really really impressed tonight at Populace. Ian
mentioned that we needed money for waterbearing and in a matter of
minutes we had over 80.00 in donations. I am so excited to have that
kind of support for our fighters and populace. You guys are all what
makes this such a great place to be. I am telling you there is no
other place quite like Northkeep. Our hospitality is so evident and
will continue as such because everyone puts their hearts into it.
Thank you everyone for rising to the challenge and for making this
event the great event that it will be. This is definately a special
Castelan and I can't wait to see you all there!

Vivat Northkeep!!!!
Montega Blackdragon
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