[Northkeep] WOW and Thanks!

Lahoma Davidson lahoma-davidson at cherokee.org
Tue May 23 11:53:14 PDT 2006

We are currently in the process of locating a pavilion to set up down
there for water bearing purposes, we plan on setting up the full spread
for you archery types just so that you will know that you are loved and
appreciated!!!-)  If we could locate a large enough pavilion maybe we
could have some sort of combo water bearing/shaded hospitality tent...


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Way to go, Northkeep!! *applause*

I plan on donating a few cans of olives and whatever else I can afford
the archery field.

Oh, and if anyone happens to have a small pavilion they are willing to
us set up down there to keep shade on shooters who are waiting, please
either myself or the new archery deputy, Cian, know. Gotta take care of
people way out in the boonies too!

Thanks!! :)

~GG Von Aue

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>I have to say I was really really impressed tonight at Populace. Ian
>mentioned that we needed money for waterbearing and in a matter of
>minutes we had over 80.00 in donations. I am so excited to have that
>kind of support for our fighters and populace. You guys are all what
>makes this such a great place to be. I am telling you there is no
>other place quite like Northkeep. Our hospitality is so evident and
>will continue as such because everyone puts their hearts into it.
>Thank you everyone for rising to the challenge and for making this
>event the great event that it will be. This is definately a special
>Castelan and I can't wait to see you all there!
>Vivat Northkeep!!!!
>Montega Blackdragon
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