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   Some people sign up from two different addresses and then set one to
"nomail"  this lets them post to the list from the second address without
having to have the emails approved by the list administrator.  As a list
administrator I have sometimes done this for someone who often posts from a
second email account so I don't have to keep approving their posts.
   When the lists were moved to the new server the "nomail" settings did not
get pulled over with them so some people started getting emails who weren't
getting them before.  I've had to deal with this on a few of the lists I
run.  This might be what is going on.


On 5/24/06, Anawyn at aol.com <Anawyn at aol.com> wrote:
>  I'm getting double Ansteorra posts, but not Northkeep
> Anawyn
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