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And again I say - it's not nice to make the Baroness cry.
Thank you Ian.

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Greetings Northkeep,

Since Monday night when humble words were spoken in thanks to our Barony I
have been thinking on something.  The words spoken were those of Ainar and
Mercedes, their last as Baron and Baroness in Fief at populace meeting, my
thoughts were about them and all they have given and done for Northkeep. The
populace meeting was small, smaller than normal, and their last meeting was
faced just as gently and humbly as their first. I wish the meeting could
have been larger so that more people of the Barony could be there to hear
their words and to share in the experience with them one last time. So for
my part I want to express something to Ainar and Mercedes and I would like
to share that with all of you here on this list.

Part of the those thoughts I mentioned were wondering how many times over
the years have Ainar and Mercedes addressed the populace? How many times
have they been there praising Northkeep and thanking them, reminding all of
us how good our Barony is and how proud they are of us? They have been there
and done that for four and a half years, that is a lot of good praise that
they have given.

Ainar and Mercedes kindly give credit to the people of Northkeep were credit
is due but they also need to not be so humble and take some of that credit
upon themselves. It was their leadership that brought Northkeep out of its
turmoil into the places of the Kingdom where it could shine once again.
Ainar with his wide honest smile and Mercedes with her gentle matronly
manners took the honor of our Barony to heart. Their Excellencies raised
high the standard of service while bearing Northkeep’s arms. All the while
they have praised the people of Northkeep while taking none of that praise
for themselves. Ainar and Mercedes have been humble but proud, they have
done as a good Baron and Baroness should.

Over the years Ainar and Mercedes have unknowingly endeared themselves in so
many ways that I have come to deeply care for them, as friends and as
leaders. They have been an inspiration to me, as others who have come
before, an example that as the incoming Baron I often wonder if I can live
up to.  So I say thank you Ainar and Mercedes, thank you for all you have
done, thank you for all your work, for all your words, and for your
inspiration. These thanks are not worthy of all your great deeds but they
are honest and simple and they are for you.

Thank you,
Ian Dun Gillan

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