[Northkeep] Coming out of Hiding

Jennifer Henley chibi_jeni at hotmail.com
Thu May 25 23:41:30 PDT 2006

Hi Ms. Abby!!

Yep!! We're finally collaborating with the heavy weapons practice Wednesday 
nights around 6:45pm at McClure!! We miss you!! Next week is a bouting night 
to prepare for Castellan and we have a couple of new people who love having 
people to meet and visit with! We would LOVE to have you out and sparring 
before Castellan!

Live well, Learn well,

~GG Von Aue
Northkeep Rapier Marshal

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>Subject: [Northkeep] Coming out of Hiding
>Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 23:36:21 -0700 (PDT)
>Greetings to all!
>   I know I have been away for a while with my new job and everything; it 
>is finally getting me to a "normal" schedule for me. I become a day walker 
>like the rest of you as of Monday. Unfortunately, I will be able to make 
>only bits and pieces of Castellan, I wish I could be there more but I don’t 
>have the time off for it. I was wondering if the rapier practices had 
>finally merged with the heavy practices or if we were still shoved into a 
>darkened corner somewhere to play by ourselves. Also anyone that was 
>authorized before gulf wars, have you received your Authorization card? Don 
>Timothy said I should get it with in 30 days, and it’s almost June and I 
>still have not received it. And finally to Ainar and Mercedes, thank you 
>for all your hospitality you have shown to me. I am a new person in the SCA 
>and you two have shown me what a great group Northkeep could be, not just 
>you but everyone else with it. I didn’t get to know you for long as Baron 
>and Baroness, but what I did
>  observe from my hidey whole was that you took care of your people. When 
>they needed something, you were there to aide as much help as you could and 
>sometimes just a "helpful" comment to keep them on track. I hope that the 
>Baron and Baronesses of my future can keep that high expectation alive for 
>me, (no pressure Ian and Kelandra :-) ) and not just in Northkeep but 
>wherever my live decides to wisk me away to. Thank you for everything you 
>have done to make this newbie feel welcome.
>   Back into hiding I go.
>   Abby
>   *PS* I was getting double or sometimes even triple posts but didn’t 
>notice until you said anything. Just an FYI.
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