[Northkeep] Coming out of Hiding

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Fri May 26 10:59:35 PDT 2006

Yeah, Abby!  Welcome back!
  Elisabeth & Olivia (de Calais)

niki lambert <redneckprincess1986 at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Greetings to all!
  I know I have been away for a while with my new job and everything; it is finally getting me to a "normal" schedule for me. I become a day walker like the rest of you as of Monday. Unfortunately, I will be able to make only bits and pieces of Castellan, I wish I could be there more but I don’t have the time off for it. I was wondering if the rapier practices had finally merged with the heavy practices or if we were still shoved into a darkened corner somewhere to play by ourselves. Also anyone that was authorized before gulf wars, have you received your Authorization card? Don Timothy said I should get it with in 30 days, and it’s almost June and I still have not received it. And finally to Ainar and Mercedes, thank you for all your hospitality you have shown to me. I am a new person in the SCA and you two have shown me what a great group Northkeep could be, not just you but everyone else with it. I didn’t get to know you for long as Baron and Baroness, but what I did
 observe from my hidey whole was that you took care of your people. When they needed something, you were there to aide as much help as you could and sometimes just a "helpful" comment to keep them on track. I hope that the Baron and Baronesses of my future can keep that high expectation alive for me, (no pressure Ian and Kelandra :-) ) and not just in Northkeep but wherever my live decides to wisk me away to. Thank you for everything you have done to make this newbie feel welcome. 
  Back into hiding I go. 
  *PS* I was getting double or sometimes even triple posts but didn’t notice until you said anything. Just an FYI. 

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