[Northkeep] I have a weird question...

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner BurgBorrendohl at earthlink.net
Mon May 1 20:31:47 PDT 2006

Marc Carlson wrote:
> Genevieve just asked me the perfectly reasonable question of what a 
> Kenmare meeting was, and if it was open to anyone or not.  It occurs to 
> me that if she didn't know, others may not know either.
> So my question is, is there anyone else who doesn't know?
> Marc/Diarmaid
There is an official charter for the order registered with the Crown. 
The following is not from the charter, but is a quick answer to the 

A Kenmare meeting is a gathering of the Companions of the Order of the 
Lion's Paw of Kenmare.  This is Northkeep's Highest local award.  Just 
as Knights, Laurels, and Pelicans are orders in the SCA and have 
meetings, so may the local orders.  It is usually not open to others.

We generally try to meet at least once in the months leading up to a 
Northkeep Event.

Damon and Ismet

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