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Northkeep was indeed 
fortunate to have had Kendra and  Blackfox.

Yes we were, although Blackfox had his moments where he was lucky to live  
through them, and Kendra would be quite embarrassed to have all this fuss made  
about and over her.  After all, as she often said, she was 'just an  ordinary, 
middle aged mom'.  She didn't believe it herself, but she really  did try to 
pull off the look.  ;p  It was part of the charm of both of  them.  William 
could rub you the wrong way easy enough but he  took being told so very well and 
really tried to be better.  With  Kendra, the revel never really started 
until Kendra found her way to the revel  site and through the door.  I miss them 
both terribly.
using Kevin's account again while he is at work!  ;p 

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