[Northkeep] Silk Banner Class

Faolan Macfarland faolanmacfarland at cox.net
Sun May 14 16:32:37 PDT 2006

May I say thank you to Gilyan for the wonderful class.   It was educational, 
fun and something that anyone should be able to do.   I am looking very 
forward to doing more then just the 1 piece I started in class.

Thank you again for coming up to Northkeep on your birthday weekend to give 
us this class.


PS.  I really think Hair dryer is a good idea - if youdo dryer on light 
after it has dried some or if resist lines are  heavy, using light air on 
from underside so large undried parts dont jump and splatter - I think it 
can speed up drying  process just a bit  - especially for classes.

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> Ayla was helping me look over my class notes, and made a good suggestion
> that will help make sure everyone leaves with some silk dyed thing that
> they made that day...
> If you have an embroidery hoop or similar type frame, bring it along. It
> may very well work for holding the silk while you put on the resist and
> then dye it. Granted, embroidery hoops usually aren't too incredibly
> big, but it will at least be something.
> Hope to see some of you on Saturday morning!  :)
> Gilyan
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