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I have a sudden & intense urge to paint Randel's armor


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> I realize Castellan is foremost on everyone's mind,
> but this was on the 
> Calon's list and we thought it was amusing.  If
> anyone's even 
> considering Lillies this will give you an idea of
> how much fun Ferd can 
> generate.
>   Gotta like the way this guy writes...
> Ismet and Damon
> ________________________________
> 		People of Calontir,
> 	As the days of summer grow longer and we prepare
> for the great
> Fair upon the fields of Lilies, we bring you
> alarming tidings. For
> decades now the Society has grown and prospered, and
> the people have
> been supported by three pillars: Service, Martial
> Prowess, and the Arts
> & Sciences. Since the times of the ancients all
> builders have known that
> for a structure to be stable, the pillars must be
> equal, lest the
> platform slip and that which it supports slide off
> to its destruction.
> 	But now, one of those pillars has become
> unbalanced. The Order
> of the Laurel, good folk though they be, appear to
> have been touched by
> madness, and wish to supplant the other Orders. They
> would redact
> Chivalry and Service into Arts and Sciences!
> 	Even as we write this, we can hear you saying "No!
> Surely this
> can not be." But their conspiracy has long been in
> the works, and their
> hidden Laurel plan leaves clues for those who would
> look for them. Do
> they not refer to combat as a martial art? Who
> coined that phrase? Or
> this one: The Pen is mightier than the Sword? There
> are countless more
> examples.
> 	Now, we hear they are gathering their forces, to
> turn the fair
> fields of Lilies once more to field of War. We have
> heard Laurels plan
> "to inflict art upon the masses." Beware you folk of
> the Heartland!
> 	First those who take the sword will feel their
> vine-like
> tendrils reaching onto the field of combat (where,
> we might add, we
> already regularly exercise the art of singing). Will
> your swords become
> quills? Will your three step running charge be
> changed to a Pavanne?
> Will your armor be transformed into a Cotehardie or
> a Houppelande, and
> your helm replaced with a stylish plumed hat or
> beaded snood? We can
> only imagine what might be done to the archery
> fields, but we understand
> feathers are involved...
> 	They will next turn their creeping branches to
> those who labor.
> Will every water-bearer be wearing elaborate
> Elizabethan gowns and
> carrying water in tiny crystal glasses? Will event
> stewards be told, "No
> need to plan ahead, so long as you look
> mah-veh-lous?"
> 	Good my Lords and Ladies, these are the signs of a
> world gone
> mad! The Arts and Sciences are wonderful things, and
> we are well blessed
> that they improve every facet of our Society. Ivy is
> also beautiful, but
> when the climbing vine grows too much and kills the
> tree upon which it
> grows, then both may well wither. And then who
> prospers?
> 	These Laurels must be made to realize that all
> three pillars are
> vital to our Society's stability. And should they,
> like kudzu, try to
> grow beyond their bounds, then it is our
> responsibility to prune them
> back.
> 	The Ancient and Honorable Order of the Pelican is
> prepared for
> this service. We will stand against the Laurels for
> the good of all. Don
> your red and white in token of your support and join
> us upon the fields
> of Lilies, as we cut back the over reaching Laurel!
> 	Until the sky is filled with falling leaves, we
> remain,
> 	Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon, OL, OP, etc.
> 	Lyriel de la Foret, OL, OP, etc.
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