[Northkeep] Raffle at Fair Of The Harvest

aoife at cableone.net aoife at cableone.net
Wed Nov 8 12:41:22 PST 2006

Greeting Good Gentles!

We will have some nice things in our raffle!  So far, 4 tapestries and promised: 
some small carved boxes from the East, a Dragon Clock, and some decanters and 
jewelry.  If you have things to add be sure to bring them to the lodge.

Also, if you would like to aid Mehpare and House Halfiras as a waterbearer, stop by 
the Waterbearers Pavilion and volunteer.  There will be a List Field Station and a 
Station for the Archery/Thrown Weapons area.  I'm sure there will be a need for 
persons to circulate trays and liquids back and forth to the outlying Station.  Due 
to the overwhelming generosity of your donations Mehpare has promised us a 'Grand 
Thank you Mehpare and House Halfiras!  

We of Chemin Noir invite All to come and join us this weekend for our 'Fair Of The 

Lady Aoife of Chemin Noir

Would someone be so kind as to forward this message to the Namron, Mooneschadowe 
and maybe the Weisenfueur Lists?  

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