[Northkeep] kid stuff/ looking for Elisabeth de Calais

Yrmentrude yrmentrude_sigsdottir at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 12 11:47:39 PST 2006

Unfortunately, I have had only one response to the invite to decorate certificates for
wInterKingdom - kid style.  I am canceling the session I was going to host.  Thank you to the
youth that did want to help out.  I appreciate your support, however there was just not enough to
justify getting together, and there are far too many to decorate with just the couple of us.

If you are teaching a children's class, would you please contact me privately at:

yrmentrude_sigsdottir at yahoo.com

and let me know how many you will be planning to teach for each class.

Also, if there are still donations that you have intended to give to the cause of wInterKingdom,
then please email me with that information also.  

Thank you.


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