[Northkeep] a Fair Fair of the Harvest

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 13 20:03:04 PST 2006

Greetings unto those fair gentles who attended the Fair of the Harvest and
those that had duties to the South,

Congratulations are in order for the following individuals as they are the
new champions from the Fair of the Harvest--

Centurion Angus McKnockard is the new Warden (heavy weapons)
Honorable Lady Therese Maria Giovanni is the new Ranger (rapier)
Lady Catan ingen Ca'irihinss is the new Inspector (arts and sciences)
Herr Domr Damon Hroarsson is the new Troubador (bardic)
Lord Igor is the new Seargeant (thrown weapons)
Lord Ulrich von Budigen is the new Huntsman (archery)
Elizabeth from Moonschadowe is the Children's Bardic champion
and the name of the new Children's Arts and Sciences champion escapes me at
this moment--

I would like to express my thanks to the group of Chemin Noir for their
outstanding event.  The Autocrat, Lord Ottokar, did a wonderful job of
keeping everything running smoothly throughout the day and making sure from
start to finish that all of the events were well planned and taken care of.

Lord Randell, Your feast was delicious, this was my first experience with
Indian food and I'm still waiting for that recipe!  :)  You did a wonderful
job of running your kitchen and getting the food out in a most wonderful
fashion!  I enjoyed having everything available to nibble--my tastes do run
to the sweet so it was great to have the dessert dishes available before I
was too stuffed to enjoy them!  Thank you and I looked forward to your next
feast. (grin)   I saw that you had several wonderful helpers in Lord
Wynfrith, Lady Meryn, HL Damon, HL Ismet, and your Lady Tamerlein I know
that without their help you would have been hard pressed to get everything
some tasty.

Lady Faolan, Lady Ciana, and Lord Renault, you all provided such wonderful
support and companionship in the absence of His Excellency Ian for me that I
cannot thank you enough.  You were always available when I needed you or
needed something to happen.  I count you all as true friends.

Lady Zubeydah, Lady Mapare, Lord Renault, and House Halfaris, thank your all
of the outstanding work that you did in preparation for this event.  The
banners were lovely, the chocolates were delicious, and the side board lunch
and the waterbearing services were wonderful.  Thank you all.

Lady Zahavah, thank you for helping me through my first court, you have a
skill for courtly presentations that I hope to emulate some day.

Lady Toreia and Lady Aderan, thank you for running the children's
activities, the children looked to be well entertained and well educated.
You did a wonderful job.

Lady Aoeife, Thank you for taking charge of the raffle and being available
to collect monies for ticket throughout the day.  You did great!

And thanks to the following people for things both big and small that they
did this weekend, Angus, Kendrick, Hamish, Nickol, Timothy, Therese, Kate,
Rafe and Johann (loved the spoon duel!:), Genvieve, HE Donnchadh, Willhelm,
Karl, Finton, Graylon, Jena, Janet, Igor and many many others!

In service,
Baroness of Northkeep
Lady of Chemin Noir

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