[Northkeep] Home Again...

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 15 05:39:08 PST 2006

Greetings Northkeep,
I have returned from the cold northern wilds of Calontir laden with game, a
little road weary, but well satisfied. How good it is to once more to be
home in the fair lands of Northkeep. My greatest regret in the recent
expedition was that it caused me to miss what sounds like one very fine
event in Chemin Noir.

My journey started from our hall in the fortified village of Gibson near the
ports south of Northkeep. Joining the youth Thorn Wybornson and the grizzled
but wily Wyborn Wolfears  members of my direct family who dwell to the north
and east of the Baronies lands. The travelers traded small country carts for
a larger wagon teamed by many more horses with a strong Northern  wind we
wrapped ourselves in our cloaks lowering our heads we turned into the wind.
the broad smooth road we traveled took us into the lands of the Shire of
Crystal Mynes, where we supped in a road side inn. From the eaves of Crystal
Mynes we pushed North to the Barony of Forgotten Sea. Our drivers and
teamsters fought the busy roads and traffic clogged pathways of that
bustling burgh. Upon crossing a mighty River our wagon turned more Easterly
and struck from the lands of our families fathers.

Late grew the hour of our travels and bitter the cold northern winds but we
pushed on. It took much grain to give the horses pulling our wagon the
energy to continue. Just west of the ruins of a place the locals referred to
as Grand Oaks we met with the country farm paths which lead to the hall of
my  father deep in the heart of Calontir.

We slept little as family members who had not seen each other in some time
made their hellos, visiting as we warmed ourselves near the roaring fire in
my mother's hearth. The company gathered included all three of the Lady
Keigan's brothers, among which is counted my traveling companion Wyborn, my
own brother Tim, my sister Penny, two of my nephews one from each sister,
and two men who were long time family friends. All these folk had gathered
in anticipation of a traditional stag hunt on the lands that have belonged
to my father's-father's-father. The arrival of the final guests was just in
time to celebrate the birth of my brother's newest son, a strong lunged lad
with a shock of dark hair and long agile fingers named Colby. My mother was
resting still in recovery from her latest encounter with the kings surgeons,
she was attended by my sister and niece while the men sat as they do and
shared in the ritual of beer.

Before the gray of dawn could rouse the gathered crowd my father had passed
thru the halo and prodded each man and boy to wake and ready for the coming
hunt. Outside in the pale starry morning snow crunched on the leaves and the
wind bit your cheek and chin. The men soon warmed by their eagerness took to
the woods. For three days Ten hunters drove and stalked the white tailed
stag of the forests and farmlands. When finally the hunt was called
Seventeen fine hinds and stags had fallen to our long reaching aim and sharp

Large and healthy are white tailed stag in Calontir. Heavy was the burden on
our wagon as the three companions turned south to return to the lands of

The stores of our hall are now filled with venison,
My mother is well visited and her spirits  renewed.
The newest nephew is well swaddled and coddled.
And it appears the cold winds of Calontir have followed me home.

I look forward to reconnecting all of my friends and family here in
Northkeep again and regaling them with tales of the hunt. Please stay safe
if you travel, keep warm for this Autumn storm  will surely soon blows over.

Kind regards from a cold and road weary,

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