[Northkeep] Where have all the fighters gone

dominic barranco wookiematsu at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 23 10:20:57 PST 2006

Good holiday to all my friends in the north, Tis I your everlovin prodigal son Damon Xanthus.  I have recently come across some very troubling news that I felt I must clearify.  First though, as some of you may know I have been on the injured list for the last month or so, but feeling much better now I loaded my armor first into my supply cart, as is right to do, looking forward to seeing, and hitting, you all at saturdays fighter practice.  Then the phone rang and though the voice was of a plesent person, I was told that because of the toy tourney there would likely be no practice at the park, my heart broke instantly.  Of course I will try to attend the toy tourney, but my heart felt saddness for not getting the oppurtunity to fight in the spot that holds so many memories for me, has moved me near to tears.  I cannot believe that the mighty sons and daughters of the north have lost the Iron from their souls that was much our cry at Gulf War, that fire to fight that won us
 the Kngs Battle Ribbon, no... pray tell me that the place of my birth still is defended with fire and steal.

And if this aint enough to get you to the park saturday then think of it like this you get the chance to hit me

In service
Damon (the other)

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