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This year's collegium will include the following class list.  Included
this year are tourney's and a Bardic competition called Blackfox's
Lament.  An outline for the competition will be posted shortly.

Look over the list I'm certain you'll find several classes to spark your


Class Name	Class Description	Hrs	Teacher	
Netted Beadwork	 Netted beadwork is a late period technique that can be
used for a variety of purposes.  This is a hands-on class, and all
materials will be provided free of charge. 	1	Ly. Zubeydah
Jamilla al-Badawiyya	
Tassels: Ancient Ornamentation	Tassels are one of the most ancient ways
that people like to decorate things.  Learn how to make them in this fun
class!!	1	Ly. Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya	
Illumination: Simple Tricks for detail Work	Many people enjoy
looking at the beautiful details ont eh scrolls they receive.  Often, it
looks difficult, or complicated.  However, effective and lovely
detailing can be achieved without studying under the Limbourg Brothers
Gebeden Boeck.  This class will cover simple tricks for basic whitework
patterns, and for shading effects.  The first hour will be lecture and
examples.  the remaining time will allow for hands-on practice of the
techniques.  Those bringing theor own painting supplies (one small
detail brush, goache in white, black, and one of your choice) will not
have to pay the $3 fee.	2	Ly. Lillias MacGuffin	
Historical Storytelling - Research and Execution	We will go over
how to select and research a historically factual event and then how to
present it in a bardic setting without compromising the facts of the
story but still keeping the audience's attention.	1	Ld. Ivo
Bardic / Non-bardic Roundtable	A discussion between bards and non-bards
in the region about issues of scheduling, attendance, attitudes, and
perceptions about bardic in the north.  The conversation will be a
mediated dialogue between members of the bardic community and the people
who plan and run events.  the overall goal is to help create and foster
culture of communication and understanding between autocrats and bards.
Notes will be taken during the discussion and will be made available
before feast.	2	Ld. Ivo Blackhawk	
Bardic Critiquing 101	We will go over how to most effectively and
constructively tell bards that their pieces need work, as well as go
over some of the criteria that high-level competitions use to select
their winner.  Class will be interactive, and include a demonstration.
1	Ld. Ivo Blackhawk	
Bardic 101	Basic introduction to bardic for new people.  We will go
over competition formats, performance styles, nomenclature of the craft,
talk about source material and answer question.  	1	Ld. Ivo
Recertification of Chirurgeonate	This will be a recertification
class for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and First Aid through ASHI.
4	Ly. Debora of Lemburg	
Chirurgeon in Charge	This class covers what you need to worry about
if you purposely or accidentally become the CiC at an event.	1
Ly. Debora of Lemburg	
Chirurgeon 101	This class is designed for the Chirurgeon in training,
and  for Chirurgeons  who haven't taken it.  It will cover the basic of
being a Chirurgeon at an event.  Includes documentation, kits, policies,
etc.	1	Ly. Debora of Lemburg	
Basic 11th & 12th Century Moorish Dress	The making of a Moorish tunic.
1	Ly. Sabine Lefevre de Armagnac	
Layered Painting on Wood	Students will have a short discussion on
painting techniques on wood panels during the Renaissance.  Students
will get to practice their own painting using preset teemplates and
designs.  Students will learn about order used in painting, some
different sources of paint, and how it should be applied.	1
HE Kelandra Carmichael	
Paper Bag Armor	Paper bag armor is a craft project with a purpose.
While constructing some basic armor out of a paper sack, I will try to
teach the students about the various styles and pieces of armor, as well
as some of their functions.  	1	HE Ian dun Gillan	
Principles of Shading	This is a class that will teach you the
fundamentals of where and how to shade.	1	HL Nicolaea mac
One point perspective for scrolls for beginners	A one-hour class that
teaches the fundamentals of where to shade accordingly.	1	HL
Nicolaea mac Fionndlaigh	
Dealing with large {Scribal} Spaces	Dealing with large blank spaces
can be one of the most frustrating issues in illumination.  In this
class, we will cover techniques for making the paint lay flat, as well
as different ways to break up the area to make the space more
interesting.	1	Danielle de Marseilles	
Diapering Techniques	Diapering is a common way to add detail by using
a square or diamond pattern in background areas.  This class is a
step-by-step, hands-on demonstration, dealing with the different
diapering techniques.  Materials are provided.	2	Danielle de
Living with Success in the SCA OR You mean I have to pack camp by myself
again?	  A discussion of what we mean by persona, suggestions for
choosing one, and hints on researching your persona, on acquiring
accessories and camp dressing and on how to handle your persona's
changing place in the Society.  	2	HE Elisabeta af Isafjord

Persona Development	  A discussion of what we mean by persona,
suggestions for choosing one, and hints on researching your persona, on
acquiring accessories and camp dressing and on how to handle your
persona's changing place in the Society.  	2	Elisabeta af
Medieval Backgrounds	This class covers all of those things that are
not always written down, but one gets during lectures in medieval
literature classes.  We will cover the Great Chain of Being, the four
humuors, the concept of micro-mezo-macro, as well as a host of other
medieval cultural trivia.  Examples will be drawn from Chaaucer as well
as other medieval writers.	1	HL Druinne de Salesberie	
Gregory Chants for Dummies	Gregorian chant is a song form from the
middle ages that was simple enogh for monks and nuns of all talent
levels to sing together.  It was also flexible enogh to be adapted to
various ceremonies: hence, it is very  SCA-friendly .  In this class
we'll go over the basics and spend most of our time actually learning
one of the Psalm tine tunes and singing various sets of words with it.
A lot of fun.	1	HE Rhiannon Redwolf	
Russian Dress during the Middle Ages	What Russians wore during the
Middle Ages, i. e. the design, fabrics, colors, and class distinctions.
1	Sasona Ivanova Shestov	
Fabliaux	Fabliaux are short tales or poems, comic and bawdy in
nature.  This is an introduction to the genre.  We will read a few, and
discuss them in detail.  This class is rated 'M' for mature.  It will be
somewhat graphic in nature.  Absouledtly no one under the age of 18.
1	HL Druinne de Salesberie	
Introduction to Combat Archery	Learn the requirements to become a
combat archer.  Interested in becoming a combat archer?  The
requirements and steps to becoming an authorized combat archer will be
listed and discussed. 	1	HE Michel mac Donnchaid	
Basic Metal Forging / Forge Welding	Morning class will consist of
learning to recognize proper heating to shape metal, and hands-on
heating and shaping.  Afternoon class will consist of learning the
proper heating to weld metals together, and welding cable to produce
Damascus-like metal for shaping.  If a participant has shortness of
breath, or allergies, a painter's mask might be advised, as smoke will
be inhaled, and these will not be provided. 	8	Master Tarl
Godric the Brokentoe & Ld Gunnarr haukr	
Drawing Gothic Vinework with a French Curve	Demonstration of using
drawing templates known as "French curves" to draw vinework as found in
Gothic Illumination.	1	Master Darius of the Bells	
Period Embroidery Techniques	A class in period embroidery techniques.
Handouts and sources provided.	1	Mistress Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere,
Baronness Namron	
The Making of a Viking Apron Dress	This class will consist of two
types of Viking apron dresses.  There will be a demonstration on how to
fit and cut on the body, as well as measuring and making a fitted
pattern to another dress.	1	Ly. Muirenn inghean Chonaill	
Medieval Food Tasting	We will be tasting food that has been redacted
fromo receipes in the middle ages, and comparing them to their modern
day equivalents.  This will give a basis for understanding the spicing
in period.  Some foods have remained the same, where others have changed
drastically.  Examples may include gingerbread, mincemeat, or apple pie.
1	Mistress Rosalia di Bellavita	
Making a Period Brass Spoon	Learn basic techniques required to
produce a period spoon.  Techniques will include basic dishing and
soldering.  Participants will leave the class with at least 1 completed
spoon.	4	HE Ainar Magnusson	
Constructing Leather Bottells: The Art of Pounding Sand	This workshop is
intended to introduce interested parties to the basic tools, materials,
and skills for producing leather drinking vessels.  The main focus will
be on some simple period bottles.  Included as attachments are some
drawings, sketches, and brief notes from "Blackjacks and Leather
Bottells, " by Oliver Baker.	8	HL Tadhg mac Aedain ui
Basic Inkle Weaving	An introduction to weaving with an inkle loom.
We will cover warping the loom, beginning to weave, finishing
techniques, and appropriate fibers.  Some time will be spent discussing
the pick-up technique for woven in patterns.  There will be some
hands-on time, so people can get the feel for weaving.  We will try to
have some looms and shuttles available for purchase.	2	HE
Mercedes de Cerdanya	
Financial Forms Class	This class covers the forms associated with the
Exchequer's office on the local level.  If you are an Exchequer, and
have not taken this class in the last 2 years, or are an incoming
Exchequer, you need this class.  Of course, those just interested are
welcome.	2	Ly. Sabine Lefevre de Armagnac	
Beyond Weaving - Finishing and Such	Suggestions for refining your
weaving.  Specifics on material choice and finishing methods for
regalia, donations, and commissions.  	1	HL Aelfwyn Webbestre	
Short Songs of Many Lands	"Simple" songs in a variety of languages
- some rounds, some not.	1	HE Master Beorhtlic Folcwinesone

Open Mold Silver Casting: Demonstration and Discussion	Demonstration of
open mold silver casting and discussion of molds, methods, both positive
and negative.	1	HE Master Beorhtlic Folcwinesone	
Beer Appreciation	Come learn through first hand experience the
vast array of different styles of beer from around the world.  Convinced
you don't like beer?  You obviously haven't met the right one.  Come
enjoy, learn, and leave enlightened and happy.	1	Master Oxlade
Drinking Etiquette (How to be Good Drunk)	This is a lecture with
open discussion how to build and maintain a reputation as being a good
drunk, while having fun at events, and avoid a reputation as being
problematic.  If you attended the previous class, there will be a
practical aspect of this class.  While most of this class is good
manners, and common sense, we'll all swap tips on how to have fun
without ruining the fun for others.	1	Master Oxlade Mackinnon	
Documentation for the SCA	How to document papers, A&S, clothing,
etc.	1	Diarmaid o'Dunn	
How to be a Servant	Whether a peer or peasant, medieval people were
in service to another.  Here's how they did it.	2	Diarmaid o'Dunn	
Authenticity 101	So you want to be more authentic - how to begin
1	Diarmaid o'Dunn	
Baubles for Book Lovers; Or, Even the Virgin Mary had Dirty Fingers
Students will learn about late period bookmarks, protective covers, and
book cushions, and make a bookmark and book protector.	1	Mistress
Dunstana Talana the Violet	
Cotton Spinning	Learn to spin the fiber using a spindle.	1
HL Debroa bat Yosef	
Drop Spindle	Learn to spin the fiber using a spindle.	1
HL Debroa bat Yosef	
Period Sheep Breeds	Learning about different sheep breeds in period.
1	HL Debroa bat Yosef	
Beginning Lucet	Hands-on lucet weaving.	1	Ly. Faolan macFarland	
SCA Rapier 101	This is a hands-on class on how to fight rapier.  Also,
this is a class on how to teach rapier to new people.  Learn how to put
the fundamentals together, and how to approach different types of
students.  Lots of hands-on fighting techniques, as well as ways to
drill and show how to build a new rapier fighter.  Taught by a fencing
instructor with 20+ years of instruction experience and 10 years rapier
experience.	2	MiLord Seamus O'Shannon	
Kite Making	Painting the kite.	1	Ld. Renault de Sant
Heraldic Decision Meeting	This is a meeting of the college of
heralds bordure make the kingdom decisions on ILoI2006-10.  Don't have a
clue what any of this means, but are interested in the heraldic
submissions process?  Please come learn!  You don't have to be aherald
to attend, but heraldic officers are strongly encouraged to come.
2	HL Emma de Featherston	
Heraldry for Children	Heraldy things for children.	1	Ly.
Zahava bat Hannah	
Dancing with the Infidels - Middle Eastern & Court Dancing	We'll
concentrate on learning dances from Peach Curry's CD - Dancing with the
Infidels.  This will includes some old favorites (Black Nag, Trenchmore,
Hole in the Wall, Korobushka, Schiarazula Marazula) and some group
dancing, Middle Eastern style-ish (Tafta Hindi and Uskudor).  Bring
comfortable dancing shoes and ME dancing belts -- partners are not
necessary for some of these dances.  Just the desire to learn new (or
refresh old!) dances and have some fun.	2	HL Estrill Swet	
General Principles and Techniques for Beginning Metalsmithing
2	Master Thorkell (TK)	

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