[Northkeep] drop spindle assistance (from Gisela)

Betsy Marshall betsy at softwareinnovation.com
Mon Nov 6 19:57:30 PST 2006

How big is your budget? Lady Robin makes giveaway spindles from 8" hardwood
dowels, a small cuphook and 2 CD's glued face to face (they are designed to
spin fast, after all) she also uses a gasket thingie to hold them on.
I have used the wooden toy car wheels from Hobby Lobby as a whorl with good
results. Hope this helps, Betsy

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Greetings unto the populous,

Morgan (Gisela's little girl) was wanting to teach a drop spindle class for
kids at winter kingdom, unfortunately they cost more than anticipated and I
was not able to get started early enough to make it happen.  So the
question, is there anyone that might have some they can loan or donate to
the children for the class,or know of a place locally that I can pick them
up when I have money or if there is a woodworker out there that can lathe,
also the same with wool for spinning it would be greatly appreciated.

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