[Northkeep] Chemin Noir

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya zubeydah at northkeep.org
Sun Nov 12 11:41:17 PST 2006

I wanted to express how much I really enjoyed Chemin Noir's Fair of the 
Harvest. It was a small gathering that felt almost like a revel at a 
friend's house - but with over the top yummy food and good company :) So to 
all those who labored in the kitchen, organized, herded children, did 
waterbearing, marshalled, sat gate for hours, or otherwise helped in making 
such a great event, please accept my thanks and appreciation!

vivat Chemin Noir!!

Jumping topics (sort of)... I would like to invite those who attended to 
spread the word of this great Canton, and the warmth and fun had at the 
event, and share their thoughts... I'd like to gather these up - be they 
just one sentance or a paragraph, or pages and pages, and publish them. One 
of the *primary* reasons that I created the 'Zubeydah's Niche' site was to 
get people talking about events in the Northern Region. I thought that 
perhaps, if there were fun stories and photos and thoughts and thank yous 
that people from all over the Kingdom could read, they might think, 'Wow, 
that sounded fun. I should try and make a point to go to that event next 

So... if you're willing to share your memories, thoughts, and observations 
of Fair of the Harvest, please let me know :) Let's get folks talking, and 
planning for next year's Fair.

In service to the North where the Black Star shines the brightest,


Post script: Thank you again to Chemin Noir for the honor you did me. It 
touched me very deeply, and I was glad to have the (continuing) opportunity 
to help out.

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