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Cody Chezem bolverk187 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 10:57:42 PST 2006

Hey I am a kid with 37+ years of experiance and that might be a class I would take. I like kites, sounds like that will be a fun class. I know the question was not put to me but, I would hope for a windy day and space to try out the kites. Also blow dryers to help "cure" the glue quickly.

"greddi66 at juno.com" <greddi66 at juno.com> wrote:
  Bonjour Lady Yrmentrude,

I am currently unaware if you had been informed of of the class on 
kite making for the kids. Our Excellency Kendra has graciously helped 
me come up with the idea of teaching the basics of kite making. It 
was discussed briefly that the class will need some dowels and a light 
fabric such as muslin and some glue as supplies. I am seeking 
donations for these. I am also inquiring to those good gentals that 
may suggest a way to enrich the class as I have little experience 
around kids in general.

Thank you for your time & consideration,


Unfortunately, I have had only one response to the invite to decorate 
certificates for wInterKingdom - kid style. I am canceling the 
session I was going to host. Thank you to the youth that did want to 
help out. I appreciate your support, however there was just not 
enough to justify getting together, and there are far too many to 
decorate with just the couple of us.

If you are teaching a children's class, would you please contact me 
privately at:

yrmentrude_sigsdottir at yahoo.com

and let me know how many you will be planning to teach for each class.

Also, if there are still donations that you have intended to give to 
the cause of wInterKingdom, then please email me with that information 

Thank you.


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