[Northkeep] a Fair Fair of the Harvest

Eric iccaro at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 07:18:27 PST 2006

Everyone has to stop talking about how wonderful the event was 'cause at the
last minute I was unable to go (my grandmother was in the hospital which
brought my parents thru town this weekend and Saturday was me mum's 55th
birthday which I was very lucky to have spent with her).

The feast sounded amazing btw!

I am very glad that Fair of the Harvest went off so well, Chemin Noir your
hard work and perseverance shows!

If there are photos we could post or a write up for the Northkeep home page,
let me know.

Yours in service,


On 11/13/06, j.t.herring <j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Greetings unto those fair gentles who attended the Fair of the Harvest and
> those that had duties to the South,
> Congratulations are in order for the following individuals as they are the
> new champions from the Fair of the Harvest--
> Centurion Angus McKnockard is the new Warden (heavy weapons)
> Honorable Lady Therese Maria Giovanni is the new Ranger (rapier)
> Lady Catan ingen Ca'irihinss is the new Inspector (arts and sciences)
> Herr Domr Damon Hroarsson is the new Troubador (bardic)
> Lord Igor is the new Seargeant (thrown weapons)
> Lord Ulrich von Budigen is the new Huntsman (archery)
> Elizabeth from Moonschadowe is the Children's Bardic champion
> and the name of the new Children's Arts and Sciences champion escapes me
> at
> this moment--
> I would like to express my thanks to the group of Chemin Noir for their
> outstanding event.  The Autocrat, Lord Ottokar, did a wonderful job of
> keeping everything running smoothly throughout the day and making sure
> from
> start to finish that all of the events were well planned and taken care
> of.
> Lord Randell, Your feast was delicious, this was my first experience with
> Indian food and I'm still waiting for that recipe!  :)  You did a
> wonderful
> job of running your kitchen and getting the food out in a most wonderful
> fashion!  I enjoyed having everything available to nibble--my tastes do
> run
> to the sweet so it was great to have the dessert dishes available before I
> was too stuffed to enjoy them!  Thank you and I looked forward to your
> next
> feast. (grin)   I saw that you had several wonderful helpers in Lord
> Wynfrith, Lady Meryn, HL Damon, HL Ismet, and your Lady Tamerlein I know
> that without their help you would have been hard pressed to get everything
> some tasty.
> Lady Faolan, Lady Ciana, and Lord Renault, you all provided such wonderful
> support and companionship in the absence of His Excellency Ian for me that
> I
> cannot thank you enough.  You were always available when I needed you or
> needed something to happen.  I count you all as true friends.
> Lady Zubeydah, Lady Mapare, Lord Renault, and House Halfaris, thank your
> all
> of the outstanding work that you did in preparation for this event.  The
> banners were lovely, the chocolates were delicious, and the side board
> lunch
> and the waterbearing services were wonderful.  Thank you all.
> Lady Zahavah, thank you for helping me through my first court, you have a
> skill for courtly presentations that I hope to emulate some day.
> Lady Toreia and Lady Aderan, thank you for running the children's
> activities, the children looked to be well entertained and well educated.
> You did a wonderful job.
> Lady Aoeife, Thank you for taking charge of the raffle and being available
> to collect monies for ticket throughout the day.  You did great!
> And thanks to the following people for things both big and small that they
> did this weekend, Angus, Kendrick, Hamish, Nickol, Timothy, Therese, Kate,
> Rafe and Johann (loved the spoon duel!:), Genvieve, HE Donnchadh,
> Willhelm,
> Karl, Finton, Graylon, Jena, Janet, Igor and many many others!
> In service,
> Kelandra
> Baroness of Northkeep
> Lady of Chemin Noir
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