[Northkeep] A Fair Fair of the Harvest

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Tue Nov 14 07:51:09 PST 2006

Greetings your Excellency!

Thank you for your kind words!  However, I too, must share the credit for the 
raffle.  M'lady Gena gets the credit for taking the money for the raffle and Lady 
Toriea for filling in while we were away.

Amadeo, I'm so sorry you had to miss out.  Hope your Grandmother will be alright 
and it was wonderful that you had a chance to spend time with your Mother on her 
birthday!  wInterkingdom is coming close and we'll see you there!

To Raghnailt and Renault, thank you for adding your time and talent to Zubeydah's!
Everthing was wonderful.

The Fire Crew...Kendric and the rest of the boys did labor mightily in bringing in 
and stacking all that wood and we all enjoyed the burning of it, too!  But I do 
believe it WAS your idea, Damon, was it not?  

A lesson for the rest of you...A Small Event=Big Revel

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