[Northkeep] Children's Classes at WinterKingdom

Wed Nov 22 19:23:33 PST 2006


while i found that my uncles goats will not be available on 9 dec. i do have
a caravan load of mundane items that need to be gone through and removed
from my small mundane encampment , among other issues .
so it is still uncertain if i will be able to attend.

milady aline , there be no reason why you couldn't teach a children's
archery class even if i too am able to teach .
after 20+ years of teaching archery , i am still learning & teaching new
things ( such as string making, and several different methods of fletching )

the barony does have a limited number of child level equipment , you should
contact ld. cian the baronial archery marshal to see about borrowing some of
it to use in your class .
or perhaps milord robin the deputy marshal could assist you ?

the most common problem i've seen is that small children, or new people are
not familiar with basic safety and line commands, or actions . and also,
needing to learn a proper form .
all of which could be taught without actually shooting the arrows = )

( legal disclaimer )
please be aware that this being an official sca function if you are going to
have people shooting,you will need to have an sca legal range set up, and an
authorized archery marshal present , before anyone may shoot .
also , as this site is within tulsa city limits , you may not be allowed to
shoot , as most cities list it as " discharging a deadly weapon in city
limits " the only way to know for sure would be to check tulsa city and
county ordinances .

be safe, be happy, have fun
arthur blackmoon

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> Kale,
> If milord Blackmoon isn't available, I could probably
> teach Archery 101 (I have in the past, but not
> currently, I believe) been certified to teach through
> Girl Scouts.  That said, I only have one bow that is
> child appropriate and would need loaner bows with low
> pull weights, arrows, and targets.
> I would also be willing to teach a Waterbearing for
> Youths class if Zubeyhdah has no plans to.
> Cheers,
> Aline
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