[Northkeep] happy thanks giving to everyone !!

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 23 20:09:47 PST 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Northkeep,

As we gather round with family and friends, feasting and frolicking on this
holiday for remembering the indebted instances of our life I realized that I
have so much to be thankful for in my life. Beside a good mother and father,
good health, and all of that regular stuff there is more. My thoughts turned
to the SCA. It is all of the people in the society that I know, have known,
and will know that I am most thankful for.

Here among the truly good and wonderful people of the SCA have I found
people who made me feel comfortable enough to be myself. Here in a society
founded on honor I met people who taught me the real value and meaning of
that word. Here in the SCA I made the best friends I have ever known.Here in
the SCA I met the love of my life my lady wife and found my hearts joy.

Lately though this Barony and all the people in it have given me a lot to be
thankful for. For all that you do Northkeep I am thankful for you, each and
everyone of you.

A most thankful,
Ian Dun Gillan
Lord of Northkeep and Chemin Noir

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