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On 11/27/06, Niewoehner, Hugh <hughn at ssd.fsi.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> This year's collegium will include the following class list.  Included
> this year are tourney's and a Bardic competition called Blackfox's
> Lament.  An outline for the competition will be posted shortly.
> Look over the list I'm certain you'll find several classes to spark your
> interest.
> Regards,
>        Damon
> Class Name      Class Description       Hrs     Teacher
> Netted Beadwork  Netted beadwork is a late period technique that can be
> used for a variety of purposes.  This is a hands-on class, and all
> materials will be provided free of charge.      1       Ly. Zubeydah
> Jamilla al-Badawiyya
> Tassels: Ancient Ornamentation  Tassels are one of the most ancient ways
> that people like to decorate things.  Learn how to make them in this fun
> class!! 1       Ly. Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya
> Illumination: Simple Tricks for detail Work     Many people enjoy
> looking at the beautiful details ont eh scrolls they receive.  Often, it
> looks difficult, or complicated.  However, effective and lovely
> detailing can be achieved without studying under the Limbourg Brothers
> Gebeden Boeck.  This class will cover simple tricks for basic whitework
> patterns, and for shading effects.  The first hour will be lecture and
> examples.  the remaining time will allow for hands-on practice of the
> techniques.  Those bringing theor own painting supplies (one small
> detail brush, goache in white, black, and one of your choice) will not
> have to pay the $3 fee. 2       Ly. Lillias MacGuffin
> Historical Storytelling - Research and Execution        We will go over
> how to select and research a historically factual event and then how to
> present it in a bardic setting without compromising the facts of the
> story but still keeping the audience's attention.       1       Ld. Ivo
> Blackhawk
> Bardic / Non-bardic Roundtable  A discussion between bards and non-bards
> in the region about issues of scheduling, attendance, attitudes, and
> perceptions about bardic in the north.  The conversation will be a
> mediated dialogue between members of the bardic community and the people
> who plan and run events.  the overall goal is to help create and foster
> culture of communication and understanding between autocrats and bards.
> Notes will be taken during the discussion and will be made available
> before feast.   2       Ld. Ivo Blackhawk
> Bardic Critiquing 101   We will go over how to most effectively and
> constructively tell bards that their pieces need work, as well as go
> over some of the criteria that high-level competitions use to select
> their winner.  Class will be interactive, and include a demonstration.
> 1       Ld. Ivo Blackhawk
> Bardic 101      Basic introduction to bardic for new people.  We will go
> over competition formats, performance styles, nomenclature of the craft,
> talk about source material and answer question.         1       Ld. Ivo
> Blackhawk
> Recertification of Chirurgeonate        This will be a recertification
> class for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and First Aid through ASHI.
> 4       Ly. Debora of Lemburg
> Chirurgeon in Charge    This class covers what you need to worry about
> if you purposely or accidentally become the CiC at an event.    1
> Ly. Debora of Lemburg
> Chirurgeon 101  This class is designed for the Chirurgeon in training,
> and  for Chirurgeons  who haven't taken it.  It will cover the basic of
> being a Chirurgeon at an event.  Includes documentation, kits, policies,
> etc.    1       Ly. Debora of Lemburg
> Basic 11th & 12th Century Moorish Dress The making of a Moorish tunic.
> 1       Ly. Sabine Lefevre de Armagnac
> Layered Painting on Wood        Students will have a short discussion on
> painting techniques on wood panels during the Renaissance.  Students
> will get to practice their own painting using preset teemplates and
> designs.  Students will learn about order used in painting, some
> different sources of paint, and how it should be applied.       1
> HE Kelandra Carmichael
> Paper Bag Armor Paper bag armor is a craft project with a purpose.
> While constructing some basic armor out of a paper sack, I will try to
> teach the students about the various styles and pieces of armor, as well
> as some of their functions.     1       HE Ian dun Gillan
> Principles of Shading   This is a class that will teach you the
> fundamentals of where and how to shade. 1       HL Nicolaea mac
> Fionndlaigh
> One point perspective for scrolls for beginners A one-hour class that
> teaches the fundamentals of where to shade accordingly. 1       HL
> Nicolaea mac Fionndlaigh
> Dealing with large {Scribal} Spaces     Dealing with large blank spaces
> can be one of the most frustrating issues in illumination.  In this
> class, we will cover techniques for making the paint lay flat, as well
> as different ways to break up the area to make the space more
> interesting.    1       Danielle de Marseilles
> Diapering Techniques    Diapering is a common way to add detail by using
> a square or diamond pattern in background areas.  This class is a
> step-by-step, hands-on demonstration, dealing with the different
> diapering techniques.  Materials are provided.  2       Danielle de
> Marseilles
> Living with Success in the SCA OR You mean I have to pack camp by myself
> again?    A discussion of what we mean by persona, suggestions for
> choosing one, and hints on researching your persona, on acquiring
> accessories and camp dressing and on how to handle your persona's
> changing place in the Society.          2       HE Elisabeta af Isafjord
> Persona Development       A discussion of what we mean by persona,
> suggestions for choosing one, and hints on researching your persona, on
> acquiring accessories and camp dressing and on how to handle your
> persona's changing place in the Society.        2       Elisabeta af
> Isafjord
> Medieval Backgrounds    This class covers all of those things that are
> not always written down, but one gets during lectures in medieval
> literature classes.  We will cover the Great Chain of Being, the four
> humuors, the concept of micro-mezo-macro, as well as a host of other
> medieval cultural trivia.  Examples will be drawn from Chaaucer as well
> as other medieval writers.      1       HL Druinne de Salesberie
> Gregory Chants for Dummies      Gregorian chant is a song form from the
> middle ages that was simple enogh for monks and nuns of all talent
> levels to sing together.  It was also flexible enogh to be adapted to
> various ceremonies: hence, it is very  SCA-friendly .  In this class
> we'll go over the basics and spend most of our time actually learning
> one of the Psalm tine tunes and singing various sets of words with it.
> A lot of fun.   1       HE Rhiannon Redwolf
> Russian Dress during the Middle Ages    What Russians wore during the
> Middle Ages, i. e. the design, fabrics, colors, and class distinctions.
> 1       Sasona Ivanova Shestov
> Fabliaux        Fabliaux are short tales or poems, comic and bawdy in
> nature.  This is an introduction to the genre.  We will read a few, and
> discuss them in detail.  This class is rated 'M' for mature.  It will be
> somewhat graphic in nature.  Absouledtly no one under the age of 18.
> 1       HL Druinne de Salesberie
> Introduction to Combat Archery  Learn the requirements to become a
> combat archer.  Interested in becoming a combat archer?  The
> requirements and steps to becoming an authorized combat archer will be
> listed and discussed.   1       HE Michel mac Donnchaid
> Basic Metal Forging / Forge Welding     Morning class will consist of
> learning to recognize proper heating to shape metal, and hands-on
> heating and shaping.  Afternoon class will consist of learning the
> proper heating to weld metals together, and welding cable to produce
> Damascus-like metal for shaping.  If a participant has shortness of
> breath, or allergies, a painter's mask might be advised, as smoke will
> be inhaled, and these will not be provided.     8       Master Tarl
> Godric the Brokentoe & Ld Gunnarr haukr
> Drawing Gothic Vinework with a French Curve     Demonstration of using
> drawing templates known as "French curves" to draw vinework as found in
> Gothic Illumination.    1       Master Darius of the Bells
> Period Embroidery Techniques    A class in period embroidery techniques.
> Handouts and sources provided.  1       Mistress Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere,
> Baronness Namron
> The Making of a Viking Apron Dress      This class will consist of two
> types of Viking apron dresses.  There will be a demonstration on how to
> fit and cut on the body, as well as measuring and making a fitted
> pattern to another dress.       1       Ly. Muirenn inghean Chonaill
> Medieval Food Tasting   We will be tasting food that has been redacted
> fromo receipes in the middle ages, and comparing them to their modern
> day equivalents.  This will give a basis for understanding the spicing
> in period.  Some foods have remained the same, where others have changed
> drastically.  Examples may include gingerbread, mincemeat, or apple pie.
> 1       Mistress Rosalia di Bellavita
> Making a Period Brass Spoon     Learn basic techniques required to
> produce a period spoon.  Techniques will include basic dishing and
> soldering.  Participants will leave the class with at least 1 completed
> spoon.  4       HE Ainar Magnusson
> Constructing Leather Bottells: The Art of Pounding Sand This workshop is
> intended to introduce interested parties to the basic tools, materials,
> and skills for producing leather drinking vessels.  The main focus will
> be on some simple period bottles.  Included as attachments are some
> drawings, sketches, and brief notes from "Blackjacks and Leather
> Bottells, " by Oliver Baker.    8       HL Tadhg mac Aedain ui
> Conchobhair
> Basic Inkle Weaving     An introduction to weaving with an inkle loom.
> We will cover warping the loom, beginning to weave, finishing
> techniques, and appropriate fibers.  Some time will be spent discussing
> the pick-up technique for woven in patterns.  There will be some
> hands-on time, so people can get the feel for weaving.  We will try to
> have some looms and shuttles available for purchase.    2       HE
> Mercedes de Cerdanya
> Financial Forms Class   This class covers the forms associated with the
> Exchequer's office on the local level.  If you are an Exchequer, and
> have not taken this class in the last 2 years, or are an incoming
> Exchequer, you need this class.  Of course, those just interested are
> welcome.        2       Ly. Sabine Lefevre de Armagnac
> Beyond Weaving - Finishing and Such     Suggestions for refining your
> weaving.  Specifics on material choice and finishing methods for
> regalia, donations, and commissions.    1       HL Aelfwyn Webbestre
> Short Songs of Many Lands       "Simple" songs in a variety of languages
> - some rounds, some not.        1       HE Master Beorhtlic Folcwinesone
> Open Mold Silver Casting: Demonstration and Discussion  Demonstration of
> open mold silver casting and discussion of molds, methods, both positive
> and negative.   1       HE Master Beorhtlic Folcwinesone
> Beer Appreciation       Come learn through first hand experience the
> vast array of different styles of beer from around the world.  Convinced
> you don't like beer?  You obviously haven't met the right one.  Come
> enjoy, learn, and leave enlightened and happy.  1       Master Oxlade
> Mackinnon
> Drinking Etiquette (How to be Good Drunk)       This is a lecture with
> open discussion how to build and maintain a reputation as being a good
> drunk, while having fun at events, and avoid a reputation as being
> problematic.  If you attended the previous class, there will be a
> practical aspect of this class.  While most of this class is good
> manners, and common sense, we'll all swap tips on how to have fun
> without ruining the fun for others.     1       Master Oxlade Mackinnon
> Documentation for the SCA       How to document papers, A&S, clothing,
> etc.    1       Diarmaid o'Dunn
> How to be a Servant     Whether a peer or peasant, medieval people were
> in service to another.  Here's how they did it. 2       Diarmaid o'Dunn
> Authenticity 101        So you want to be more authentic - how to begin
> 1       Diarmaid o'Dunn
> Baubles for Book Lovers; Or, Even the Virgin Mary had Dirty Fingers
> Students will learn about late period bookmarks, protective covers, and
> book cushions, and make a bookmark and book protector.  1       Mistress
> Dunstana Talana the Violet
> Cotton Spinning Learn to spin the fiber using a spindle.        1
> HL Debroa bat Yosef
> Drop Spindle    Learn to spin the fiber using a spindle.        1
> HL Debroa bat Yosef
> Period Sheep Breeds     Learning about different sheep breeds in period.
> 1       HL Debroa bat Yosef
> Beginning Lucet Hands-on lucet weaving. 1       Ly. Faolan macFarland
> SCA Rapier 101  This is a hands-on class on how to fight rapier.  Also,
> this is a class on how to teach rapier to new people.  Learn how to put
> the fundamentals together, and how to approach different types of
> students.  Lots of hands-on fighting techniques, as well as ways to
> drill and show how to build a new rapier fighter.  Taught by a fencing
> instructor with 20+ years of instruction experience and 10 years rapier
> experience.     2       MiLord Seamus O'Shannon
> Kite Making     Painting the kite.      1       Ld. Renault de Sant
> Michele
> Heraldic Decision Meeting       This is a meeting of the college of
> heralds bordure make the kingdom decisions on ILoI2006-10.  Don't have a
> clue what any of this means, but are interested in the heraldic
> submissions process?  Please come learn!  You don't have to be aherald
> to attend, but heraldic officers are strongly encouraged to come.
> 2       HL Emma de Featherston
> Heraldry for Children   Heraldy things for children.    1       Ly.
> Zahava bat Hannah
> Dancing with the Infidels - Middle Eastern & Court Dancing      We'll
> concentrate on learning dances from Peach Curry's CD - Dancing with the
> Infidels.  This will includes some old favorites (Black Nag, Trenchmore,
> Hole in the Wall, Korobushka, Schiarazula Marazula) and some group
> dancing, Middle Eastern style-ish (Tafta Hindi and Uskudor).  Bring
> comfortable dancing shoes and ME dancing belts -- partners are not
> necessary for some of these dances.  Just the desire to learn new (or
> refresh old!) dances and have some fun. 2       HL Estrill Swet
> General Principles and Techniques for Beginning Metalsmithing
> 2       Master Thorkell (TK)
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