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katrina hardesty kalamitykayt at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 29 18:35:04 PST 2006

>From an ole mountain girl, honey and peppermint work really good.  Or you can try this really old mountain remedy:  Put about 2 cups of vinegar in a saucepan of water, bring to a boil.  When at a full boil turn off and stand over saucepan with a towel over your head and the sauce pan, just breathe the vapors for a few minutes {5 or 10}, and last but not least, rub your chest and back with vapor rub, place a large towel over chest and back, pinning over shoulders and put a tee shirt over it to hold inplace,  wear it for an hour or so a couple times a day,  it really helps to open up the sinus and bronchii in the lungs,  hope this helps a little.
  In service,  Katrina

Montega <montega at gmail.com> wrote:
  Ok, does anyone know a good home remedy for coughing? I have
bronchitis and am taking antibiotics, but the coughing is SO bad. Does
anyone know of a good cough medicine? (real or home made)
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