[Northkeep] Medic!

Wed Nov 29 21:02:26 PST 2006


almost forgot , there's also some herbal tea called " breath easy " by
traditional medicinals .
that works well if you breath the steam, and then drink as it starts to cool

but i wouldn't recommend anyone running to the store , its been sleeting or
frozen rain for over an hour, so the roads are probably slicker than pig
poop right now .

be safe, be happy, have fun
arthur  blackmoon
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> My Grandfather always used to swear by the "Hot Toddy". If I remember
> correctly his were made with Bourbon, Honey, and a twist of Lemon then the
> whole thing was warmed up, not to the point where the alcohol would burn
> of the mixture. The drink was warmed just enough to make it a tolerable
> but still hot drink. I remember taking one of those things when I was
> younger and used to get really sick...of course after the burning
> of the whiskey finished it did cut my cough down but it also helped me to
> relax and to sleep all of which are good when you are sick.
> Montega what ever your remedy do hope you stay in where it is warm and dry
> these next couple of days sipping on some soothing hot teas. In weather
> we are having it is too easy for Bronchitis to turn to Phenomena.
> To the rest of you out there please stay safe and warm and we will see you
> Saturday at the Library to work on the badges and feast tokens for
> Winterkingdom.
> Kind regards,
> Ian
> Baron
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