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almost  forgot , there's also some herbal tea called " breath easy " by
traditional  medicinals 

This stuff works really well for staving off bad asthma attacks, but it  does 
have ephedrine in it, so be aware if you are taking anything that could  
clash with that.  However any kind of citrus type teas, like lemon, orange  spice, 
etc is really good for clearing congestion and mucus from your  system.  It 
breaks it up but unfortunately that could make the coughing  worse.  Cinnamon 
tea has helped coughing around here sometimes, depends on  how bad the symptoms 
are.  The honey that has been suggested is good if the  cough is in your 
throat, but like they said it works by soothing and coating the  throat, not a lot 
of good for a chest cough.  Basic tussin cough medicine  actually works 
really well and is fairly inexpensive.  JP has discovered,  and his dr. agrees,  
that Musinex (or the generic equivalent which we use)  is a very good thing.  
There are three different formulas, one with a cough  suppressant.  Hope some of 
this helps.  Take care of yourself and get  better quick. ;p
hanging out on Kevin's account again.

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