[Northkeep] In Need of Scrolls

katrina hardesty kalamitykayt at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 19:05:34 PDT 2007

Hello Dear Fellow Barony Members,
  Just a quick note to remind everyone that we will be in need of everyone's talents to make Castellan an event to remember.  Those of you who have autocrated before can well remember the terror that I'm feeling right  now! Thankfully I'm working with two people who know how the ball is suppose to bounce or is it how the cookie crumbles.  Well anyway I keep having very vivid dreams of being locked in one of those dreadful things with the hole for the head and hands.  I know that someday we will all sit back and laugh at this but I also know that it won't happen for awhile. Now to get to the point.  We wil be in need of scrolls, many,many scrolls.  Ones for each new champion and also for the event.  Our Baron would also like to have a handpainted invitation that we could use to send to royalty and other important folks.  We need to get this started as an official countdown to Castellan is about to start.  Unfortunely, I have a prior engagement in Salina on Wed.  so I won't
 be at fighter practice, but am looking forward to hearing from several of you in regards to the scrolls.  Also please be thinking about what and when you would like to help with volunteering at Castellan.  I'm planning on making some very special gifts for the people who help the most.  We may do a raffle, kinda like at Gulf Wars.  Ofcourse that's completely off the top of my head and I haven't run it by anyone else.Anyway, please contact me with any encouragement or ideas or advice that you might have.  Feel free to contact any of us; Olivia, Talana or I anytime.  My phone number is 810-3778 [cell] or 579-8322[work] if you want to talk directly to me. Have fun tomorrow at practice.

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