[Northkeep] Populace in the Park in Namron!

vujadea200 at aol.com vujadea200 at aol.com
Thu Apr 5 19:57:07 PDT 2007

Greetings Northern Region!
            At Medieval Fair last weekend, the idea was brought up that Namron do a large fighter practice!  
            I would like to invite all fighters and member of the populace to Namrons Populace in the Park (which is being revived after many moons).  We ask that you come in garb, and bring a dish for everyone to share (potluck). I am going to be the one coordinating this, so please drop me a line to let me know what you plan on bringing. Not that 100 lbs of coleslaw is a bad thing, as then we could do “slaw wrestling!!!  DING!!( that was for you Ollj.)
            I invite all to come; Newcomers, older players, the young at heart and the jaded!  It will be located at Reeves Park (for directions contact me) at 2 pm on April 15th!
            If you are not a fighter, bring you an Art or a Science.  Maybe we will be able to get some dancing going.  Bring your pets and your children.  (leashes please…for the pets).
Contact me with any questions, concerns and comments!!  
Hope to see you all there!!!! 
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