[Northkeep] Grub N Garb goes DEMO!!

Montega montega at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 14:50:44 PDT 2007

Hey everyone, this months Grub N Garb is going to double as a demo!
The director's of one of the local (Tulsa) homeschool groups will be
bringing kids out to see us doing what we do best.    I really
encourage everyone to be there in garb. I invite dancers, bards,
artisans and the like to join us. If you have a drum, bring that too.
This is a really cool chance to introduce kids and their families to
the SCA. MOC, and Boffer Marshall, this would be a good chance for you
to get kids involved. If you have any written materials that you want
to hand out to them please go ahead and gather that now.

If anyone has any ideas on things that would make it even better, let me know.

Bring food, wear garb, have fun!
 GNG this month will be on April 25th 6:30 PM
The usual location McClure Park 7th and Memorial.

See you there!

Lady Montega

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