[Northkeep] The Great Grape War

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 10:54:02 PDT 2007

Hello MY most valuable daughter Montega and ALL my northern Friends,

Yes the person in contact with the winery is  Ld. Cormac (Dan Corley) 
okiewriter at hotmail.com
405-275-8080 OR 405-919-0746
He did a fabulous job getting this Winery involved in sponsoring a demo and 
now it would benefit the entire North if we could get everyone involved in 
making this demo happen.

As Demos go this is a bit different. What I understand now before I call 
Lord Cormac is :

They are advertising this demo via every which way they can including tv 
radio newspapers etc.

We start setting up Fri. at 4pm. Before then 11 of the 50 governors in the 
U.S. will be having a conference. Huh? yeah fairly high falooten!

We can camp there all weekend.
VERY nice prizes for champions of tourneys.
Free wine tasting if you'd like.

150 children appx. that I wont be able to corral all by myself. The puppet 
show is a HUGE help.

It " smells to the Pooky " like a free event sponsored by the winery.... I'm 
probably not supposed to use the " e " word but that's what I think wafts up 
my nose.

Their's gonna be champions and prizes. The prizes are from the winery who 
are spending buku bucks on advertising and can host Governors.

They want to do it every year. ( I suspect all things are contingent on how 
wonderful we are )

They are providing food vendors $?

150 children I will need help with...

I am gonna call Lord Cormac and retrieve what info he knows, then rend it 
down to the loving stuff and then tell everyone what I know. ( 1 of 3 nope 5 
skills I have )

If you have any questions thoughts or comments let ME know and I will now 
also volunteer to organize pertinent information.

Love U,

I haven't seen the demo promoted within the SCA in the ever invasive 
Pookitized manner, so I'll get started on that now.

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