[Northkeep] I prey ye to Attend: Word Fame!

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 19 08:33:42 PDT 2007

Unto the populous of the The Solid Barony of Northkeepe, The Loving Barony 
of Namron and it's lands to the east and southe the Canton of Skorragardr 
and the country folke what hath been knowne as Kuhneigan, and indeed all 
members of Ansteorra's Northern Region.

All ye with ears to heare and hearts to listen, draw near and paye heede to 
the word fame of which I seek to bring unto you.

Recently within a Realm of Dreams did Lady Adarin Gunnarsdottir woman of 
Mongo ~ HERO of the Pooky, Lady Nevar Nallsdottir, Lady Kaitlin Morgan, and 
Lady Jazmine Ara Charmaine ~ Deputy Minister of Children for the Loving 
Barony of Namron did bring unto The Loving Barony of Namron's Med Faire the 
ways and means to entertain and delight all manner of children be they young 
and or not so young.
All manner of the young at hearte were entertained moste greatly with a show 
of performance the likes of which here to fore unkowne and unrealized!
It is told, with do compensation paid in the form of 100 buttons these fine 
and generous Ladies did arrange a bardic stage production and comedy 
rendition to be performed by a passing band of troubadour puppets. This 
expressive band of wondering (fingers doing the walking) fine sewn and high 
browless puppets did wow and entice all who were aware of their stage!
So many were numbered amongst those entreated that they did cease traffic in 
all directions near their presence!
So pleased was the Populous of Namron that they did express themselves in 
spontaneous applause during the following populous meeting!
So pleased are Our Loving Baron & Baroness of Namron that after council with 
Lord Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen ~ Society of Creative Anachronism Liaison 
for the Loving Barony of Namron's Medieval Faire that they did at the 
meeting of their populous decide and render their opinion which contained 
their in their edict that permanent lands be bestowed, assigned, and allowed 
to be designated for the sole use of this wondrous band of troubadorian 
Immense was this band of well acting puppets ability to draw in, keep hold 
and entertaine a crowd. Many did show interest in the Society of Creative 
Anachronism at this Demo directly because of the talents of the acting 
puppet guild.
I as The Minister of Children for The Loving Barony of Namron would take 
this opportunity to personally express MY deepe gratitude unto those who 
arranged with due compensation, the appearance of these puppet actors and MY 
extra special thanks and gratitude to the talented puppets themselves!
I salute you all for the fine and commendable performance, the generosity of 
those who arranged their performance, and to those who paid what turned out 
to be the well spent price of 100 buttons unto these worthy performers.

I salute you as is our tradition with a Hardy VIVAT! and I look forward to 
next years performance upon the permanently and generously assigned lands 
next year.

On a personal note it was especially nice to have such a wonderful thing 
occur upon the celebration and anniversary of MY 30th year in Societatus.

Again I thank you all,

Lord Pukhta " Pooky " Lovvek ~ Minister of Children for the Loving Barony of 
Namron and Deputy Society of Creative Anachronism's Liaison for the Loving 
Barony of Namron's Medieval Faire

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