[Northkeep] Bardic History and Traditions of Namron!!!

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 24 15:27:04 PDT 2007

For those whose gaze was not on the bottom of the mountain, I had a thought 
that pushed a pebble. Here is the pebble.


[Hello my lovelies and lords,

I was at Wiesenfeuer Baronial tossing fruit and screaming (frightened)
turkeys at rapier fighters last weekend. Then scampering off their list
field while flailing my arms and squealing like a frightened girl.  (best I
could at least)

Something occurred to me while this moment in time was being serenaded by
Wiesenfeuer's Bardic Champion.

What songs of Namron have been written?
He was singing a well known sing-a-long about Mooneschadowe and I was
wondering what Namron songs were already out there.

Thank You,

Ah yes, 3 from Baron Uriah Wolfstar just came to mind. Anyone know others?



I was going to make mention of you in the post you responded to but couldn't 
remember your name's correct spelling.

In my attempts to become a " Good Pooky " I have chosen to limit myself to a 
maximum of 5 posts  on any given day. No really, it's an augmentation from 
previous behavior patterns. This is MY 4th to Namron and I want to save one 
post back in case of emergencies, so this'll hopefully be my last post 'till 

That stated:

Zubeydah I'd like to utilize one of my valuable opportunities to publicly 
thank you for all the work you do in recording, in many different mediums 
and ways, what occurs in the SCA.

It is one thing to stencil moments in time onto the hard wiring memory of 
children as I do, but you also are really into getting the accounts of 
people and the activities which we all share in one of many long lasting and 
readily accessible formats.

I personally feel as though this is extremely important!

I also feel this is a Great Service to our Kingdom.

I also hope someone more important, avian, and influential then I is paying 
attention to all the good that you do.

Thank you for your efforts to " Preserve THE~DREAM ".

Moments are fleeting, memories fade, but THE~DREAM should be made ever 

Just one Pook's opinion,

P.s. Please take from my words more of my gratitude then your embarrassment.

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>Something you might want to consider -- for those bards who have written
>original compositions who are still around... Grab a digital audio recorder
>(You can get them at walmart relatively inexpensively) and have them sing 
>own piece. These files can then be transferred to a computer, and an
>audio 'library' created...
>Just an idea,
>(Who still needs to download that lovely bride-price negotiation she 
>at Protectorate last year...)

... and on to more Namron specific posts.

Silly question, but is this limited to songs, or can stories/poetry be


songs, stories, poetry, fond memories, crystallized moments in time that 
vivificate THE~DREAM, whatever is important to you or may be note worthy to 


Ok, Pook. I'll get to running....

Oh yeah, oh yeah, draw forth and pay heed!

[ all that good stuff in the middle you said ] ehh... it was good stuff I'll 
put it back in...

In the interest of preserving the great oral and bardic history and 
tradition of
our fair Namron I, Lady Samarrah of the Lower Lands of Namron, will be
henceforth and hereby collecting any and all bardic/poetic/filkish songs
relating to or being created by the people of NAMRON!

At this time I am unable to receive sound file electronically, however, if
you've got something to share, burn a disc and send it my way.  I'll be
cataloging the sound files and organizing the lyric/music/and story/poem 

Once the project is complete, the results will be presented to our Beloved 
and Baroness for further instructions as to the potential uses and misuses 
the future glorification of our homeland.

So, e-mail whatcha got or get a disc to me at pop or something....

Lady Samarah Basimah Latifa al Dhakira bint Anaan bint Mellilah
(The lately self-appointed librarian of lore for the Barony of Namron)

Samarah in my heart, within this life,  and upon this earth I have found 
about a dozen heroes and many fewer hero-ins. If you get this to work, I 
shall most likely think as highly of you.

Fair Warning.... };^ ))

One of the early thrills for me and Donna after just finding the SCA in Feb 
of this year was going to Axeman IV and sitting in on the Bardic Circle late 
on Saturday night.   We were delighted when those gathered there joined 
together in song.  We wanted to join in but didn't know the songs.  I later 
inquired on the SCA Newcomers yahoo group about song lyrics and melodies and 
a kind soul pointed me to this web site:



See this just goes to show any good thought I have had, has most likely been 
thought of at least once before.

The most likely the reason everyone hadn't heard about it is,  those of the 
past had smaller thumbs then I.

I think it's a good project!

thanx 2 EVERYONE for doing what they will on this,

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