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ottokarluther at aol.com ottokarluther at aol.com
Tue Apr 24 16:29:27 PDT 2007

So I went to baronial last weekend and found myself with out any thing to wear after a stressful winter it seems that I may have added a few pounds. It also appears as if i didn't get around to make new garb or even thinking about it until just now.  I went online and stared to look at buying some new garb and found (Surprise ) that everybody sells the same 3 items and calls it medieval  Pirate shirt, poet shirt and generic Jerkin or tunic  depending on who you ask. and for the site that didn't sell the same thing everything cost around 200 bucks. yes i know Im being sarcastic and jumping to broad generalizations, none the less i cant seem to find anything i like for a reasonable price and with a week at lilies approaching fast i realized it would suck to be at war naked for a whole week. or with just one shirt and no pants   
any way I m looking for some one who might be willing to make me some garb like the $200 stuff for a lot less and out of more reasonable material ( ie not Wool) and all though i have some money and i am willing to spend it would love to talk about barter I am a jack of many trades but master of none and im willing to do physical labor also. or take a tournament sponsor (Carry your Logo into Battle Kinda like nascar)(LOL)
early 15th century (1400-1420) south eastern Europe (Transylvania, Moldavia) possibly Turkish influenced if your interested please drop me a line 
The Tread Bare Squire 
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