[Northkeep] In Need of Scrolls

Jerry and Teresa Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 4 11:33:04 PDT 2007

We need to get moving on the invitations ASAP so if any one would like to 
help please speak to a Castellan Autocrat.

Technically we really only need two hand caligraphied invitations. If they 
also had some simple artwork on them like one illuminated character, more 
would be nice but is not actually required. One of the invitations will be 
photo copied and sent to all the groups in the Kingdom, the other invitation 
for Their Royal Majesties will be copied and sent to Their Royal Highnesses 
as well.

As for the scrolls for the Champions we need one for each of the following.
Castellan (over all winner)
Drighton (armored combat)
Ensign (rapier combat)
Baronial Archer (archery)
Baronial Marksman (thrown weapons)
Baronial Bard
Baronial Artisan (A&S)
Youth Castellan (12-17 yrs)
Children's Castellan (5-11yrs)

If you can only do one that would be great. If only two people can do the 
work then that is four scrolls each with one left over, if three people can 
help then that is three scrolls each, the more people who can make handmade 
scrolls the fewer each person has to work on. Maybe you are good at creating 
scroll art but not calligraphy, or good at calligraphy but not art...then 
maybe two of you can work together one person doing art the other text. As 
long as the scrolls get finished, painted, and are ready to be signed and 
handed out at Castellan then we will be very happy.

Please if you are able to help with this endeavor please speak up now.

Ian Dun Gillan
Baron of Northkeep
Lord of Chemin Noir 

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