[Northkeep] In Need of Scrolls

David H- stonefiddle05 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 4 13:07:27 PDT 2007

Your Excellency,

You have called for the skills of a scribe.  Being one who is a newbie, I 
have no experience in ways of the SCA but I am a calligrapher.  And though I 
am a parttime dweller (M-F) in this fair land, if it pleases your I may be 
so bold as to offer my services to the Barony.  If there is someone who 
would kindly guide me in the "to whom, what, when, and where" I can assist 
in doing the "how."  (I am assuming that the work does not need to be done 
using strictly period methods and materials.)


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>Subject: Re: [Northkeep] In Need of Scrolls
>Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 13:33:04 -0500
>We need to get moving on the invitations ASAP so if any one would like to
>help please speak to a Castellan Autocrat.
>Technically we really only need two hand caligraphied invitations. If they
>also had some simple artwork on them like one illuminated character, more
>would be nice but is not actually required. One of the invitations will be
>photo copied and sent to all the groups in the Kingdom, the other 
>for Their Royal Majesties will be copied and sent to Their Royal Highnesses
>as well.
>As for the scrolls for the Champions we need one for each of the following.
>Castellan (over all winner)
>Drighton (armored combat)
>Ensign (rapier combat)
>Baronial Archer (archery)
>Baronial Marksman (thrown weapons)
>Baronial Bard
>Baronial Artisan (A&S)
>Youth Castellan (12-17 yrs)
>Children's Castellan (5-11yrs)
>If you can only do one that would be great. If only two people can do the
>work then that is four scrolls each with one left over, if three people can
>help then that is three scrolls each, the more people who can make handmade
>scrolls the fewer each person has to work on. Maybe you are good at 
>scroll art but not calligraphy, or good at calligraphy but not art...then
>maybe two of you can work together one person doing art the other text. As
>long as the scrolls get finished, painted, and are ready to be signed and
>handed out at Castellan then we will be very happy.
>Please if you are able to help with this endeavor please speak up now.
>Ian Dun Gillan
>Baron of Northkeep
>Lord of Chemin Noir
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