[Northkeep] Next Years Gulf Wars

Andrew Lechner littlerukh at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 14:14:25 PDT 2007

*snip* From the Mooneschadowe list
From the autocrat of GW XVI:

"Gulf Wars by contract with the site owner and treaty 
between Kingdoms is ALWAYS between the second and 
third Saturdays in March. This will allow anyone to 
plan as far ahead as their calendar will let them. 
The dates for the next 10 Gulf Wars are:

GWXVII March 9-16 2008 (The earliest Gulf Wars will 
ever be)
GWXVIII March 15-22 2009 (The latest Gulf Wars will 
ever be)
GWXIX March 14-21 2010
GWXX March 13-20 2011
GWXXI March 11-18 2012
GWXXII March 10-17 2013
GWXXIII March 9-16 2014
GWXXIV March 15-22 2015
GWXXV March 13-20 2016
GWXXVI March 12-19 2017
Andrew Lechner 
Heir Ludewicus “Ludo”


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Well its vacation bid time at work. Are the dates for next years Gulf 
Wars set yet ? There's a good chance that if I don't bid them now I 
won't get them.

- Fezzik
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