[Northkeep] Great Grape Wars

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If this is the Demo you are referring to

Lord Cormic is the one organizing it. It is also being discussed to be
done yearly. Yes it is going to be large and fun. Hmmm they said free

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Actually, she is the one that contacted me. She was at practice last
night and let us know that as far as she knows, no one is really
coordinating the thing. I know several groups are involved. We need to
at least get NorthKeep in order. We should decide if we are taking the
 pavillion, and what we need to do to get it there. Honesty, this is
going to be as big as an event rather than a demo. I'd like to see
Northkeep represented well.
We will need some waterbearers, thats for sure.

If you are going, let everyone know so we can at least get a good
Northkeep count. This event is close, so it would be a great one to go

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