[Northkeep] Needleworkers is this monday - Arent there people with projects who want to come socialize?

Faolan Macfarland faolanmacfarland at cox.net
Fri Jan 5 09:17:19 PST 2007

I am  trying to drum up some company for Monday.   I have talked to Talana about possibly going over some more decorative Lucet cord instructions and also Keigan was talking about coming for making some Del Patterns. Both would offerings are incredibly good  for me, but I thought maybe some others would be interested in these or at least want to be social why they work on their projects.  Also, I think Diarmaid would be happy to help anyone who is wanting to work on shoes. (maybe Nadine will dig her stuff out?)

Disclaimer - I have no guarantee we will be doing lucet cord or Del pattern making at Needleworkers, just the potential.



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