[Northkeep] FW: new photos posted

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Fri Jan 12 05:27:14 PST 2007

Guten Morgen,

Even if you are not a C&I buff this is pretty neat stuff.

Alban has a collection of a number of period documents which he's
scanned and is willing to make/send CD's.  Including a Spanish Patent of
Arms.  The link is just samples from the documents.

Neat stuff.


> Dunno if anyone would be interested, but just in case:
> I've posted 7 more photos to my LiveJournal gallery 
> (http://pics.livejournal.com/tedeisenstein/), this time 
> samples from a sixteenth-century Austrian rent-book.
> (Look for "The Absdorf Rent-book" set.)
> Some nice, and some strictly utilitarian, calligraphy.
> No illuminations, though, darn it.
> The whole kit-and-kaboodle is 80 photos, errr, pages long; if 
> anyone wants a good source for Austrian farmers'
> names, or wants to dig out interesting bits about period 
> farming (did you know saffron could grow in Austria?
> I didn't), drop me a line and we'll do the Alban-sends- 
> yet-another-CD-out schtick.
> Alban

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