[Northkeep] How is everyone?

Susan catmafia at hughes.net
Mon Jan 15 10:14:01 PST 2007

To add to Kit's comments, I walked around the yard today and wow do we 
have a ton of trees down.  For those who've been here, you can guess.  I 
have no idea how we're going to get to them all, as many of them are 
broken 20-30' up and hanging down.  Its going to be 'fun', there are 
probably 30-50 trees that have major sections down.  I grew up here, it 
feels like I've lost old friends-the kids laughed at me as I would 
flinch as each broke-they sounded like rifle shots.

I walked up to the highway and mercifully we don't really have much ice 
on the ground, most of what is there is what has fallen from trees as 
they came down.  Pray that we don't get much wind, as if we do we will 
probably be without power again.  Mom's been tucked up in bed with 
layers of cover when the power's been out. Ian should enjoy that she was 
telling me of a great ice storm in Utica from the mid 30's.  We've been 
running lamps, worst of that is the lamp oil we had on hand has 
citronella and it has my asthma acting up. 

All is well and our hybernation continues, happily awaiting the thaw,

Kathrine O'Neal wrote:

>Here in Tahlequah we lost power for most of the afternoon but we have
>it back again.  The limbs are dropping like flies outside, and we've
>moved the cars to the neighbor's yard to keep them away from the
>trees.  The ground is still clear (too warm, thank God) but the trees
>are covered in probably just over half an inch of ice, and the
>temperature is dropping, so by tomorrow it'll start sticking to the
>ground as well.
>I've been doing hand sewing and am now no longer SCA-naked, merely
>stuck with small clothes, and mom and Peggy are doing well.
>Be safe and stay warm,
>Kitty (William has no idea what I'm talking about) and Susan and Peggy

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