[Northkeep] Reschedule to Feb 19th - Mark your calendars, a class on Viking Knitting aka "Trichinopoly Chainwork" will beheld at new date for February's Needleworkers

Faolan Macfarland faolanmacfarland at cox.net
Tue Jan 23 15:08:57 PST 2007

Due to  officers being on Feb 12th,  Needleworkers and the Class has been 
moved to February 19th.  Hopefully this will not be a problem for anyone who 
has already shown interest in class

For those interestest, please let me know so I can make sure we have enough 
room for everyone.  I have received notice from 3 so far.


"Viking Chain Knitting" aka "Trichinopoly Chainwork"  Class at the normally 
planned  Needleworker's, Monday, February 19th at 7pm at Faolan's house.

Adalia "Nyx" VonDerBerg  will be teaching the class.

Here is a document that gives information on what class will be about.


Nyx will  bring the necessary supplies for up to 36 people to  try this 
jewelry technique.  However, if anyone would like to bring their own 
supplies or donate to the cause, the supply list (for beginners) is very 
simple: small set of pliers (needle nose and wire cutters),  1 package of 
colored - usually green - 18 gauge floral wire (this comes usually in pieces 
of about 18"), 1 roll of 24 or 26 gauge silver floral wire (from Michael's 
this sells for about 2 bucks for a
quarter pound - enough to make SEVERAL trials), and pencils - unsharpened or 
dowel rods of the same diameter .She personally uses a size 10 plastic 
knitting needle but once used for this, they would not be usable for actual 
knitting. The purpose of stick is to help the loops stay the same size and 
shape so any round object will work.

The class  plan is to  work on starting chain ,  work a few chain stitches, 
work on adding more wire in, and  then work on ending the chain. This class 
will be for creating chains only, not adding the findings for finishing 
them.  There will be  some examples of finished work and some store names so 
people can order their own findings if they choose.

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