[Northkeep] Clothiers' Schedule

Donna Hufford dhufford at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 25 07:28:40 PST 2007

I would just like to say anyone who is interested in clothing and is able to
attend should definitely go to Clothiers'. The classes are top-notch and The
Walk through Time will make you pea green with envy. It is one of the best
events for clothes junkies, it is a relatively short drive up the highway
and the folks there are very nice. I have enjoyed my times there and am very
disappointed that I can't make it this year.

Also, I noticed one of the classes will discuss the clothing and textiles in
the Devonshire Hunting Tapestries. These are the only large scale 15th
century tapestries in existence and are a great resource for clothing and
textiles. By chance the book, "Medieval Life and Leisure In the Devonshire
Hunting Tapestries" which was produced by the V&A in London and is usually a
$45 book is on sale through Daedalus Books for $14.95 and can be found on
their website   http://www.salebooks.com

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