[Northkeep] Populace

Montega montega at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 15:37:44 PST 2007

I will not be at Populace this month due to a prior engagement.
Had I been able to attend, this is what I would have said anyway.....

I am looking for someone who wants to give a Garb 101 class. Nothing
says lovin' like showing newbies cool things to wear and what kinds of
fabrics to use and so forth. So, anyone willing to do this... please,
it would be grand! Send me an email

I would also like to have a newcomer class between now and Castellan.
Anyone interested in helping with this would be great.

The largess box is coming along nicely. We have some neato little
trinkets in there for those who attend their first event. Please be
sure to remind me to give them something AT the event. Special thanks
to all who contributed and thanks in advance to all who continue to do

Grub N Garb will be starting up again soon. The weather is going to be
better and I look forward to see more people coming out. Dancing,
druming, A&S, fighting, its a perfect way to introduce people to the
SCA. This will typically be the last Wednesday of every month at
Fighter Practice held at McClure park. Wear garb, bring food, bring
people! (not sure about THIS Wednesday... depends on what the ground
and weather is like)

Gulf War is around the corner. People need help preparing. Any crafty
souls out there who want something to do, see if you may lend a hand.
(Especially if you sew) Any help is always appreciated. We like to
send our fighters off in style!  Just post what you can or are willing
to do!

Thanks so much, and I will hopefully see you at fighter practice this
week weather permitting.

Lady Montega Blackdragon

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