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Quoting Montega <montega at gmail.com>:

> What is wonder under used for?
> Tega
> The non seamstress....

It's also known as 'fusible web.' It helps bind two pieces of fabric together, 
as a stabilizer, for doing applique work. It's generally ironed on to the back 
of the fabric *before* you cut the pattern piece out. Then, you cut out the 
design, and remove the paper backing on the wonder under.  Lay your piece with 
the wunder-under side DOWN, fabric side UP, on the RIGHT side of your main 
fabric (ie, tabbard) and iron it using the technique that Talana mentioned 
earlier - where the iron is lifted and set down, then lifted, moved, and set 
down. No sliding the iron over the surface of the applique and fabric. (There's 
also directions on the wonder-under)

This way, when you do the satin stitching to 'seal' the edges of the applique, 
the two pieces of fabric already have a bond together, and the thing stays put. 
It also stays flatter, and doesn't 'bubble' up.

I hope that helps!


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