[Northkeep] Wine Bottles - Cost? Take 'em away.

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner burgborrendohl at valornet.com
Wed Jul 4 13:36:31 PDT 2007

Good afternoon,

I have approximately 7 (seven) cases of green and amber Cote du Rhone, 
Burgundy, or Chardonnay style bottles looking for a good home.  6 cases  
of them have been run through the dish washer and are ready for 
immediate use.  The others only need a sterilization bath and they'll be 
ready for reuse.  First to claim them get's 'em.  all I ask is that you  
contact `Ismet and I for pickup.  Otherwise they're headed for the 
recycling center.   At $12 a case new this could save someone some 
money.  If you know some who might be interested please let them know. 


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