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Northkeep ROCKS!!!!  Thank you to all who volunteered at Gulf Wars!!  :)  

Believe it or not Gulf Wars is only eight months away!!  Everyone needs to start thinking about going!!  It is ALOT of fun!!  You will NOT regret going....so pack up and lets go!!  

I would LOVE to see Northkeep help Ansteorra win the Volunteer Point again!! :)  


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Congratulations to all of the groups listed below...  They earned money for
their group by Volunteering at Gulf War.  For those of you who did not get
your checks at Coronation.  They are in the mail and on their way to you.

Group Name        # Hours Volunteered
Ansteorra-Kingdom        206
Ansteorra-Chirurgeon/Waterbearing        289.25
Bjornsborg        268.25
Bonwick        4
Bordermarch        163
Brad Leah        64
Bryn Gwald        374.75
Dragonsfire Tor        2
Eldern Hills        20
Elfsea        243.5
Elfsea-Archery        8.5
Emerald Keep        4
Ffynnon Gath        42.75
Gates Edge        132
Graywood        38.5
Lindenwood        27
Loch Ruadh        105.25
Loch Soillier        83.75
Middleford        64
Moonseschadowe        166.75
Namron        70.5
Northkeep        448.75
Rosenfeld        272.25
Seawinds        106
Shadowlands        33
Skorragardr        25.25
Stargate        144.75
Stargate-Chirurgeon        86.75
Stargate-Equestrian        13
Steppes        220.25
Westgate        50
Wiesenfeuer        23

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