[Northkeep] no really im ok

dominic barranco wookiematsu at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 26 19:46:08 PDT 2007

For those of you who dont know I: Dominic, Damon, Damon the
 other( for the folks up north), Or your everlovin wookie, had surgery today
 to remove my malfunctioning gallbladder.  I am feeling pretty good for
 a fella that cannot take pain medications (darn allergies to the good
 stuff), I feel as though I have a stomach virus, and am simultaniously
 fighting Sir Owen with a great sword ( and he has taken a great and
 personnal dislike to my belly).  
      Where as I dont think there will be any complications, I must
 apoligize again since from now on none of you can tell me "you have alot
 of gall"...sorry bad pun.
      With love and service

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